This American Lie

is this creatively wasting my time?

FIRST TITTLE and i misspelled title. but im not going to correct it at all. thats just the way i am, ill let that one slide. its a funny typo anyway. January 18, 2010

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my friend was really angry a lot of the time, but i think it was fake anger. fanger.

i would sometimes bring whiskey to him and he would drink it with straight in one of those giant 44 ounce cups they sold.

this guy has provided so many amazing one liners in my life and I probably should have written them down but I never did. I can almost promise that most of these comic things I do will have his face in it somewhere. I dont want to put his name down because he might pull another knife on me. In his defense it was a rather small knife, and I had just pulled a broom stick on him earlier. We end up fighting and hating each other for months at a time but then we remember how much horrible fun we have together and hug and drink and curse and smoke and commit acts of  general asshole-ery. THAT IS A VERB. assholery.


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